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Minneapolis, MN, 55407

A revolutionary approach to fertility. Through our flagship programs Fertility Pilates™ and Movement For Fertility™ we teach and instruct women about all the ways that aligned exercise & movement naturally foster the process of trying to conceive. We are also proud to offer Merciér Therapy to women seeking to get pregnant.


Movement For Fertility™

Marie Wittman

The Movement For Fertility™ is a program that I have designed to support the health of your reproductive cycle. It is not a generalized exercise program. While all exercise and movement is beneficial to reproductive health (for example, increasing hormone circulation), Movement For Fertility™ is different from other forms of fertility exercise because it specifically addresses the biological processes within your body in order to enhance and nourish your fecundity.

I have adapted exercises from practices like Pilates, physical therapy, and Nutritious Movement™ so that each movement stimulates certain aspects of your reproductive system. This is quite different from the many other fertility exercise programs that only speak to the general ideas of what exercises does for the human body. 

For example, many fertility exercise practices suggest that a woman will experience increased blood flow by doing their exercises. This is true. Any movement will increase blood flow, however, the vital detail is whether that increased blood flow is actually going to the areas that will directly improve your fertility. Movement For Fertility™ differs in that the exercises have very specific alignments in order to channel the blood flow to the areas important to that phase in your cycle or significant to stimulate in order to address a particular issue such as short luteal phase or PCOS.

Below is an exercise we do in the Movement For Fertility: Follicular Phase protocol. Beginning at any point from the first day of your period, do this exercise 1-2 times daily until you expect to ovulate or around the time you start to notice fertile cervical fluid. 


Double Leg Stretch for Improved Ovarian Function


Lying on your back, ensure your tailbone is relaxed down into the mat and then exhale as you lift the head and shoulders off the mat just to the point that the lower tips of your shoulders are still touching the mat. Once your ribcage aligns with your pelvis the upper abdominals should naturally engage to hold your head up rather than just the neck muscles. Bend the knees into your chest and place your hands on your shins.


Inhale as you reach your arms straight back by your head and reach your legs straight out from the hips. Hold for 3 counts. ♥ Make sure that your tailbone did not lift off the floor and that your ribcage stayed aligned with your pelvis.

Then circle your arms out to the side and around toward your legs as you pull the legs returning to the starting position. ♥ Again keep your tailbone anchored on the mat as you bring the knees back in over your hips.

This is one full repetition; follow each step another 4 times for a total of 5 repetitions.


Maintaining the alignment and stability of your pelvis and ribcage are vital for supporting the health of your ovaries so pay close attention to these areas when doing this exercise. Also make sure that your torso and head do not move during the exercise.