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730 E 38th Street
Minneapolis, MN, 55407

A revolutionary approach to fertility. Through our flagship programs Fertility Pilates™ and Movement For Fertility™ we teach and instruct women about all the ways that aligned exercise & movement naturally foster the process of trying to conceive. We are also proud to offer Merciér Therapy to women seeking to get pregnant.



Bienvenue les femmes, you've likely made your way here because you are seeking an approach to fertility care that views you as a complete being with the innate power to create life. You may have some trepidation about the health of your menstrual cycle. You may have had some tests that suggest one hormone level or another is not ideal. You may have some diagnosis like uterine fibroids or endometriosis. Or you may have done some research into IVF, but aren't sure if that is right for you at this point, so you are exploring all the options. Though these worries occupy your thoughts, deep down you believe in your ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy AND you believe in the idea that through taking care of your health you can experience optimal reproductive function.


We Will Make A Fabulous Fertility-Boosting Team If:

  • you are looking to naturally foster and promote your fertility with an approach that is based on the most up-to-date science 
  • you wish to have a baby now, sort of soon, or in the future
  • you have faith in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and you have already been walking the talk in many respects, but you wonder what exercise is the best for improving your fertility
  • you seek tips, suggestions, programs, and/or one-to-one fertility care that guides you and encourages you to be proactive in your reproductive health 
  • you wish to connect with practitioners that honor you as a woman

Hi, my name is Marie Wittman. I founded Art and Science of Balance and created Movement For Fertility™ and Fertility Pilates™ because I discovered that there was a serious lack of accurate and comprehensive information on exercise and fertility when I searched for ways to sustain my own fertility for the future day when I was ready to start a family.

I love teaching movement. I also love researching. In fact, I am so passionate about research that I spent 3 years in Europe becoming a professional researcher. One day, while on a walk, I pondered the idea of putting all my loves in one basket and now, today, my researcher-self pours over the most current science on human reproduction, exercise, genetics, biomechanics, neurobiology, and much more while my teacher-self weaves that information into teaching you all the ways movement shapes fertility. 

Imagine how it would feel for your fertile health to be in your hands. To see test results on your hormone levels and know what exercises to do in order to support the production and circulation of those hormones. To feel confident that your lifestyle choices nourish your reproductive function today and into the future. And to find harmony between your inner voice and the steps you take along your journey toward motherhood. 


I would be so happy to support you on your fertile health path through:


Merciér Therapy

Merciér Therapy is a natural, non-invasive approach to many fertility problems. It is a structural therapy that addresses adhesions, scar tissue, and/or malalignment of the reproductive organs that can hinder conception and/or pregnancy.

Whether you choose to do the program as a stand alone regime or as a way to help increase the chances of a successful IUI or IVF cycle, Merciér Therapy is a highly effective method to optimal reproductive health.

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Movement For Fertility™

Realigning our body and finding the appropriate balance between movement and rest is vital to supporting the natural process of conception.

The Movement for Fertility™ program draws from the sciences of the human body to naturally support the conception process. It empowers you to make daily choices that will dramatically improve the essential flows in your body — restoring homeostasis, or balance, so that all the systems, including your reproductive system, run optimally.

Fertility Pilates™

Fertility Pilates™is classical Pilates that is uniquely adapted to facilitate the optimal function of a woman’s fertility for conception today or in the future. 

Imagine stepping out of the Pilates studio, ready to glide through the rest of your day because from deep within you feel strong, tall, and in harmony. Picture the grace and poise with which you go about your week thanks to your growing knowledge about your fertile health and the role good movement and alignment play in it.