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730 E 38th Street
Minneapolis, MN, 55407

A revolutionary approach to fertility. Through our flagship programs Fertility Pilates™ and Movement For Fertility™ we teach and instruct women about all the ways that aligned exercise & movement naturally foster the process of trying to conceive. We are also proud to offer Merciér Therapy to women seeking to get pregnant.

Merciér Therapy

Merciér Therapy is a healthy, non-invasive approach to many fertility problems. It is a structural therapy that addresses adhesions, scar tissue, and/or malalignment of the reproductive organs that can hinder conception and/or pregnancy. The work also increases blood flow and clears any congested areas of backed-up lymph. Furthermore, the Shared Journey Fertility Program™ is an education on the body’s signals and rhythms in order to help you become more attuned to the health of your whole body.  

Whether you choose to do the program as a stand alone regime or as a way to help you create a healthy environment within your pelvis to ensure a successful IUI or IVF cycle, our goal is to help you physically and emotionally so you will enter the process of conception with healthy pelvic organs and a healthy mind.

In September 2012 Merciér Therapy completed a 4-year, evidenced-based study that demonstrates an 83% pregnancy success rate within one year of finishing the Shared Journey 6-week program.

The Shared Journey Fertility Program™ includes:

  • Comprehensive history and evaluation (including mobility of the pelvic organs, hip, and lower back)
  •  6 (1-hour)* Shared Journey program sessions
  • Education on monitoring your cycle to help you recognize natural signs of fertility and a journal to keep records of it all
  • Tips on herbal supplements, prenatal vitamins, and fertility tea (initial supply of these items are included within the program cost)
  • Exercise advice and guidelines to help foster continued circulation through the pelvis between and after sessions
  • A year of ongoing support and advocacy

 *Sessions may be broken up in various ways if need be. For example, 4 days of 90-minute sessions may be done to fit the work in prior to a stimulated cycle if pairing The Shared Journey Fertility Program™ with Assisted Reproductive Technology. 

What Women Are Saying About Merciér Therapy

Initially I began Mercier Therapy with Marie of the Art and Science of Balance to aid my fertility, and found each session to be relaxing and rejuvenating, a great benefit for those stressed by potential infertility and menstrual discomfort. I am not personally interested in becoming pregnant via medical and hormonal intervention, so Mercier Therapy was a wonderful option to explore.

As I was thinking of it as a fertility aid, I was pleasantly surprised at what a benefit it was for my very difficult cycles! Since I began menstruating at 13, I have suffered from many PMS/PMDD symptoms including ovulation pain, general fatigue, muscle and joint pains and extreme depression during the luteal phase, and in the six weeks we worked together these symptoms were significantly improved above and beyond the diet and lifestyle changes I had already implemented. My pre-cramping and cramping disappeared and the crushing fatigue I’d feel on the first day of bleeding was replaced by a steady energy. Even my tendency towards depression was minimized, and all this without medication of any kind, not even caffeine or Advil. The movement “homework” Marie gave me helped significantly in my general body comfort throughout daily life as well.

Improvements aside, working with Marie is a wonderful experience. She is a comforting and considerate practitioner, very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions thoroughly and with integrity, either in the moment or after some research. She is an excellent listener, taking many details of my health and body experience into consideration during the process, and making fascinating observations as well. For example, she noted the position of my ovaries, via palpation, both over the course of the sessions and before and after some manipulation and movement in one session, and in both cases there had been a change both to the evenness of each ovary in relation to the other, and to how deep they rested in my body. Isn’t that remarkable? I thought so.

As it has been nine weeks since we started, and only week one since the last session, based on the improvements to my cycle, I am confident that if it is possible for me to become pregnant, Mercier Therapy has only helped.”
— Nicole S., Los Angeles, California
“Every woman in the United States needs to hear about her work, especially the thousands of women dealing with infertility. Infertility is a horrible, horrible thing to go through and it is affecting so many women today.

I dealt with infertility for 11 years of actively trying to conceive. We looked into and tried all sorts of herbs, natural things, and diets, and then tried acupuncture. Nothing worked.

I still can’t believe I actually got pregnant, and my beautiful baby girl just turned one this last week! I tell as many people about Mercier Therapy as I can because this works and so many women NEED to know about her work. It will and should change the face of what infertility therapy looks like.”
— Heather Meeks, Wheaton, Illinois


To view a clip of Dr Merciér’s documentary click here: Fertility: The Shared Journey with Merciér Therapy