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730 E 38th Street
Minneapolis, MN, 55407

A revolutionary approach to fertility. Through our flagship programs Fertility Pilates™ and Movement For Fertility™ we teach and instruct women about all the ways that aligned exercise & movement naturally foster the process of trying to conceive. We are also proud to offer Merciér Therapy to women seeking to get pregnant.


Fertility clients

“I call Marie my 'miracle worker.' I somehow stumbled upon Mercier Therapy after 11 months of trying to conceive without luck. Upon researching Mercier, I quickly realized that it's a new therapy form and not many people practice in this area. Luckily, Marie Wittman is one of those few Mercier Therapists in the LA area. After our consultation, I knew I was in great hands with Marie. I opted to do Mercier Therapy in conjunction with Marie's flagship course - Movement For Fertility. Marie far exceeded my expectations with her knowledge, responsiveness, gentle nature and of course her therapy techniques. Shortly after my sessions concluded with Marie, I'd say a few weeks, I received a positive pregnancy test. I'm beyond thrilled! I credit Marie for helping me get pregnant - Merciér Therapy, Movement For Fertility, encouraging talks and invaluable fertility information - this combination was the key! Thank you Marie - my miracle worker!"



“Initially I began Mercier Therapy with Marie of the Art and Science of Balance to aid my fertility, and found each session to be relaxing and rejuvenating, a great benefit for those stressed by potential infertility and menstrual discomfort. I am not personally interested in becoming pregnant via medical and hormonal intervention, so Mercier Therapy was a wonderful option to explore.

As I was thinking of it as a fertility aid, I was pleasantly surprised at what a benefit it was for my very difficult cycles! Since I began menstruating at 13, I have suffered from many PMS/PMDD symptoms including ovulation pain, general fatigue, muscle and joint pains and extreme depression during the luteal phase, and in the six weeks we worked together these symptoms were significantly improved above and beyond the diet and lifestyle changes I had already implemented. My pre-cramping and cramping disappeared and the crushing fatigue I’d feel on the first day of bleeding was replaced by a steady energy. Even my tendency towards depression was minimized, and all this without medication of any kind, not even caffeine or Advil. The movement “homework” Marie gave me helped significantly in my general body comfort throughout daily life as well.

Improvements aside, working with Marie is a wonderful experience. She is a comforting and considerate practitioner, very knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions thoroughly and with integrity, either in the moment or after some research. She is an excellent listener, taking many details of my health and body experience into consideration during the process, and making fascinating observations as well. For example, she noted the position of my ovaries, via palpation, both over the course of the sessions and before and after some manipulation and movement in one session, and in both cases there had been a change both to the evenness of each ovary in relation to the other, and to how deep they rested in my body. Isn’t that remarkable? I thought so.

As it has been nine weeks since we started, and only week one since the last session, based on the improvements to my cycle, I am confident that if it is possible for me to become pregnant, Mercier Therapy has only helped.”



“Every woman in the United States needs to hear about [Merciér Therapy], especially the thousands of women dealing with infertility. Infertility is a horrible, horrible thing to go through and it is affecting so many women today.

I dealt with infertility for 11 years of actively trying to conceive. We looked into and tried all sorts of herbs, natural things, and diets, and then tried acupuncture. Nothing worked.

I still can’t believe I actually got pregnant, and my beautiful baby girl just turned one this last week! I tell as many people about Mercier Therapy as I can because this works and so many women NEED to know about her work. It will and should change the face of what infertility therapy looks like.””


Prenatal clients

“I worked out with Marie weekly during pregnancy, right up until I delivered my first child.  As my pregnancy progressed, she modified my workouts, mindfully adjusting the exercises to accommodate my growing womb and mobilizing joints.  My lungs were primed for labor and my abdominals were prepared to push!  Although my son arrived 5 weeks early with potentially life-threatening complications, I was able to have an all-natural, 100% intervention-free childbirth.  I wholeheartedly attribute my successful labor experience and rapid recovery to my Pilates practice.  Thanks Marie!”

Sabrina M., Certified Pilates Instructor, Mother of Two

Postpartum clients

“I first met Marie about 10 years ago in Los Angeles. Having been friends for quite some time, I knew she taught Pilates, but honestly did not know much about it other than the fact that it was a form of exercise. When she told me about her new program in which I could learn how to do Pilates workouts completely on my own, I was very interested, yet concerned about how I could manage it within my schedule. As a full-time stay-at-home mom of 2 active little boys, I rarely have time for myself, but I decided to give the program a try. I ended up absolutely loving it, and looking forward to each session! One of the most unique things about Marie’s program is that you are able to do your sessions with her via Skype, and she will do her best to work around your schedule. I was able to do everything from home using my computer, while my children were napping or playing in the other room. Another brilliant thing about doing this program with Marie is the fact that she designs a program that is tailored to your personal needs and level of fitness.”

Crystal T., Mother of Two

Pilates clients

“As Marie’s Pilates student, I can attest that her teaching abilities are superlative and her professionalism impeccable. Because Pilates requires precise movements targeting specific and oftentimes unfamiliar muscles, it is challenging to comprehend how to fully and accurately perform the exercises. While I have had several outstanding instructors during my many years as a Pilates student, Marie’s clear and concise explanations regarding technique and conceptual imagery are amongst the most effective that I have experienced. Further, Marie possesses a scholarly understanding of the mechanics, physics, physiological aspects, and multitudinous nuances that make up the Pilates method. She has never failed to answer my questions with almost encyclopedic knowledge and, several times, I have witnessed other seasoned instructors seeking her knowledge as well.”

Karen R., Attorney, Mother of One


“Training with Marie inspires me. Her mastery of Pilates and her ability to both correct and support me make each workout a comfortable and energizing experience. I have never been in better shape than when training with her. I look forward to each session and I always leave the studio feeling graceful, strong, and centered. Thank you, Marie!”

Amaranth B., PhD, Professor


“Marie has been my Pilates teacher for almost four years now and she has made every single session highly enjoyable. She is dedicated to tailoring each workout based on your individual goals, needs and abilities. No session is ever the same. She is extremely knowledgeable and kind, enthusiastic and challenging. I am definitely stronger, more flexible and overall in great shape and it is all thanks to Marie. Whatever shape I come in I always leave with a smile. She is a joy to work with!”

Melie F., Language Teacher, Translator  


“Being a holistic practitioner, I really value Marie’s approach to Pilates. Working with her on a 1:1 basis has given me a whole awareness of how my body moves and what it needs to maintain a day-to-day feeling of wellness and energized living. Whether I am working with a chronic pain issue, or just an area of my body that could use more toning, I know Marie will find a way to support me through this wonderful method. What’s best about Marie, is that she has a wide array of experience–setting her apart from other practitioners. In each session with her, she shares not only her knowledge of Pilates, but also of medical history and general sound eating practices that help take our work together even farther! She’s one of those teachers that you can really tell ‘lives the method'; it shows–not only through her, but in the results with her students too!”

Isabel Andrews, Reiki Master, owner of Light Works Energy, Mother of One

Pilates Teacher Training Students

“Marie was one of my very first Pilates teachers. She is incredibly skilled and I learned so much from her! She also happens to be one of the nicest people ever. I would absolutely recommend training with her!”

Kit Rich, Celebrity Pilates/Fitness trainer and writer, Los Angeles


“I had the greatest experience and honor to not only have Marie’s expertise and guidance, but also her friendship during my Pilates teacher training. She provided me with support, encouragement and an eager willingness to make sure I succeed in my training. Whether is was her welcoming me into her home for a private client observation session or answering hundreds upon hundreds of my questions. Even until this day, she does not hesitate to spare time to chat Pilates with me. Anyone who has the opportunity to be involved with Marie, in anyway, is incredibly fortunate to have someone so committed and passionate about what they do.”

Ania Krawiec, International Pilates Instructor


“I had the pleasure of having Marie as my Senior Teacher Trainer during my first Pilates teacher training program in Santa Monica, CA in 2009.  I feel very fortunate to have worked with her so closely for those months because I feel as though I learned from one of the best.  Her meticulousness to the proper execution of each exercise as well as her understanding as to the purpose of each really helped me to learn at a higher level and become a better teacher as a result.  She expected a lot from me but did so in a nurturing environment.  And her passion for the method was infectious and made me excited to keep learning and growing as a teacher.  She truly wants the best results for both her teacher trainees and her clients.  Over the years, I’ve received many positive comments from clients about my precision and attention to detail, which I attribute to Marie’s influence.”

Kim Mills, Pilates Instructor, Los Angeles


“Marie Wittman is an extremely gifted Pilates instructor.  She has a way of explaining the technique with kindness and support that is clear, precise and very detailed.  She has a way of expressing herself as a teacher that inspires me to be at my best.  She can deliver the perfect cues with a beautiful voice that helps me as her student find an inner confidence and relaxation as i am doing the exercise.  She is an expert with an amazing eye and I feel blessed to have her as my teacher.”

Joan Blum, Pilates Instructor, Los Angeles


“I have been a Pilates teacher for nearly a decade and many of my most important concepts and my deepest understandings of Pilates based movement has come from Marie. She has a way of conveying information that is clear, centered and articulated in a way that I never need to question.  When I work with Marie in Pilates, in business, or even within our friendship, she is someone whom I have never seen get agitated or convey the feeling of being under stress.  It is this calm, steady patience in Marie’s confidence that makes me regard her as a complete master of teaching Pilates to both clients, as well as the challenging task of teaching a teacher. I treasure all of the time I get to be around Marie and seek her specific guidance as I move forward in my career teaching Pilates.”

Julie Gustafson, Pilates Instructor and Studio Manager, NY Pilates Studio in London